Friday, August 17, 2007


Welcome to my blog :)

I have been a silent spectator of this magical world of food blogging for quite a while now. It's just like the wizarding world, visible only to those who look for it! (Forgive my obsession with Harry Potter). I love cooking and I love FOOD more than I love cooking.

The very first food blog I came across was Nupur's OneHotStove and I have to give her a great amount of credit as I start my own blog now. So starting from 'that' hot-stove, I went on to discover the food-blogging world. The beautiful pictures and the delicious descriptions that so many creative bloggers and great cooks put in. Sometimes I can almost feel the aromas wafting out of my computer screen (okay, not to be taken literally but quite close!). Oh! the love of food!

My friends recently asked me for some recipes. As we started talking about my recipes my dear friend M prompted me to start blogging them. My husband Parthiv gave me a push and here I am!

I hope I will keep this blog alive and kicking and bring 'Fresh Flavors' from my kitchen to yours!


Mansi said...

Great! Shweta, way to go!! Happy blogging!! -Mansi

Nupur said...

I'm so glad you found the food blog world, Shweta! Wishing you lots of fun, cooking, blogging, eating ahead :)