Saturday, September 22, 2007

Okra Gojju with Curd rice

I was blessed with two kannadiga room-mates for a while, thats when I understood the subtleties of varieties of rasam and those flavor-explosions called gojjus. So when I read about RCI karnataka, the first thing that came to my mind was gojju!

As students in Texas, we did not get a chance to visit Indian grocery stores very often and thus typical Indian vegetables did not make it to the table much. This one time when we brought some fresh okra, my sweet room-mate Roopa decided to make some bendekay gojju out of it. I loved it! It was a totally new flavor for me and a taste that I would remember forever :) So, when I decided to make okra gojju for Asha's RCI karnataka, I turned to Roopa once again. And she did send me a detailed recipe. Roopa asked me to use the measurements as a guideline and not to follow strictly. I pretty much stuck to the measurements she had given me :) I will copy-paste the recipe here as is-

"Bhindi/pumpkin gojju :
bhindi cut like that for sabji and pumpkin, cut small and long. approx 1lb.
heat up few spoons of oil (more for bhindi), splutter some mustard, add a tablespoon of urad dal and chana dal. fry till golden.
split a couple of green chillies and add (you will add more red chilli kind of spice later, this is mostly for flavor).
add the cut and washed veggie and cook till almost done or till the sticky stuff is gone.
while this is cooking roast 1 table spoon of white sesame seeds in a hot dry pan till they start to splutter. make a dry powder of it afterwards.
now to the cooked veggies add some :
water - lets say half a cup,
sambar/rasam powder -about 1 tablespoon (or gojju powder, but I use this now till my mom gets me more !),
turmeric - a pinch,
salt to taste,
and jaggery - a 1" cube kinda piece (it has to be sweet)
tamarind paste- about one teaspoon (and sour :) )
and add the sesame powder.
and now boil it till it completely cooks ! goes great with rice or chapathis with curd rice ;)"

I closed my eyes and followed her recipe :) I did not have fresh okra so I used the frozen version. I had to add a good amount of oil to make sure the okra didn't turn out sticky. I heated some oil, added mustard and the lentils and added the okra straight out of the freezer without thawing. Thawing makes it real sticky! Rest of the steps were exactly the same. I did not have any home-made rasam/sambar powder, so I used store-bought 'Badshah' sambar masala.

The gojju turned out real tasty. I still think the one that Roopa had made was better! :) Using frozen okra and store -bought sambhar masala could not match the 'real' thing. But nevertheless it was quite close and very very satisfying.


I made simple curd rice to go with it. Cannot vouch for the authenticity :)
1. Cook rice and let it cool. Mix some curd, chopped cilantro and salt with the rice. Curd should be enough to make the rice thoroughly wet.
2. Heat a little oil, add mustard seeds, chopped green chillies, heeng and a dry red chilli. Add this to the curd rice and mix well.


Okra gojju with curd rice is my entry for RCI Karnataka, hosted by Asha of Foodie's Hope.



Asha said...

Shweta, that is one good looking combo girl.Thank you so much for taking time and all the effort. Mosaranna and Okra gojju on top looks fabulous.Thanks again!:))

bee said...

thanks for dropping by, shweta. it's great to discover your blog. we have added you to our blogroll. do get on food blog desam if you haven't already. (contact indira @ it's an RSS aggregator for desi food blogs. if you are already on there, i apologise for not checking.

Swapna said...

Dear Shweta,
Welcome to the wonderful world of food blogging. Nice entries for RCI. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

Shweta said...

Asha, Thanks :) So curd rice is called mosaranna in Kannada! I am glad you liked the entry. I enjoyed cooking and eating it :)

Bee, Thanks for dropping by. I am on FoodBlogDesam now, thanks so much for the tip! :)

Swapna, Thanks for the warm welcome :) Please do keep visiting!

Richa said...

that looks like one tasty combo :)
good to know that u got this authentic recipe from ur friend!

TBC said...

I like this recipe a lot. Thanks to your friend for sharing:-)...
and the 2nd pic is lovely

Roopa said...

fabulous entry for RCI:)! you have a lovely blog with varied recipe!enjoy blogging

Shweta said...

It sure was a tasty combo! It's great to have good friends who are great cooks too :)

Thanks for dropping by. Yea this friend of mine is really sweet and I loved everything she used to cook when we were room-mates. But this is the first time I asked her for a recipe and tried it out. Thanks to RCI K :)

Thanks for checking out my blog and for your kind words. Hope my blog and I will see you and hear from you again :)